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Annual large investments allows Turkey to enter the world top list in the field of medical tourism. Such costs contribute to the rapid development of medicine and the improvement of the quality of service delivery. Thanks to this the flow of tourists who come here to treat a variety of diseases is growing every year. All partner clinics are ISO 9001 certified

Comparative table of average prices for treatment with other countries
Treatment Turkey USA Germany
Dental implants from $450 from $4 000 from $2 995
IVF from $3 500 from $20 000 from $2 995
Childbirth from $1 070 from $3 680 from $3 350
Hollywood Smile from $2 300 from $19 300 from $17 500
Hair transplant from $1 400 from $12 000 from $4 800
Breast augmentation from $3 100 from $6 000 from $7 000
Intragastric balloon from $1 200 from $6 500 from $6 590
Sleeve gastrectomy from $3 400 from $25 000 from $21 600
Liposuction from $1 250 from $12 000 from $8 500
Facelift from $3 100 from $7 500 from $7 200
Abdominoplasty from $2 260 from $5 800 from $4 300
Popular services
Canal filling from $99
Dental filling from $35
Sinus lifting from $445
Tooth Extraction from $29
Dental Cone-beam Computed Tomography from $70
and 10 more types of treatment
Plastic surgery in Turkey - plastic surgeons abroad
Plastic surgery
Rhinoplasty from $1 980
Face lift from $3 100
Buttocks augmentation from $3 900
Butt Lift from $2 650
Arm lift from $1 990
and 4 more type of treatment
снижение веса в Турции
Weight loss
Abdominoplasty + liposuction from $3 200
Liposuction from $1 250
Gastric sleeve from $3 400
Intragastric balloon from $1 200
Health check-up
Tumor marker panel for women from $190
Tumor marker panel for men from $230
Screening for sleep disorders from $470
General health examination for children Check-Up (up to 5 years old) from $180
General health examination (VIP) package for men from $1 100
and 5 more types of treatment
Репродуктивная медицина в Турции
Reproductive medicine
IVF - In Vitro Fertilization from $4 670
Epidural or spinal anesthesia from $180
Routine examination by a gynecologist from $85
Cesarean section from $990
Natural childbirth from $990
and 1 more type of treatment
Cancer treatment
T-cell lymphoma price on request
Follicular lymphoma price on request
Mediastinal lymphoma price on request
Thrombocytopenia price on request
Burkitt's lymphoma price on request
and 78 more types of treatment
Pediatric neurosurgery - Spina bifida price on request
Pediatric Neurosurgery - Arnold Chiari Syndrome price on request
Pediatric Neurosurgery - Occlusive Hydrocephalus price on request
Pediatric neurosurgery - Failure of the vertebral arch price on request
Pediatric Neurosurgery - Craniopharyngioma price on request
and 29 more types of treatment
пересадка органов в Турции цены
Organ transplant
Heart transplant price on request
Limb transplant price on request
Pancreas transplant price on request
Kidney transplant price on request
Liver transplant price on request
and 3 more type of treatment
Лечение стволовыми клетками в Турции
Stem cell therapy
Medical tour packages
Combine your treatment with a tourist trip. Our packages include flights, hotel accommodations and sightseeing tours en.
Antalya premium

price from

$3 900

Antalya economy

price from

$1 599

Istanbul VIP

price from

$2 800

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Hospitals and clinics are accredited and selected
Individual trip to leave with your soul (flights, hotels, etc.)
Follow-up until your return under the supervision of a doctor
Care consultant and translator to make you feel at home
The security of all your data is top notch
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Traveled from Hong Kong to Istanbul for Hollywood Smile

My photos will say everything for me! Thanks to the wonderful specialists at Memorial Clinic, I highly recommend it.

Breast implants in Antalya

I am very pleased with my breasts. I don't feel any foreignness. Ultrasound sais everything is ok. Implants safe. In general, it has been like my own for a long time. Thanks to the specialists from the Medicana center

IVF in Istanbul

When choosing a specialist, it was important for me that the doctor was experienced and had good experience in reproductive matters. I found the Memorial Bahçelievler Hastanesi clinic in the reviews. And it’s good. I also tuned in to artificial insemination, but at the very first consultation at the Memorial center, the doctor explained that we would first be examined, and then we would see. As a result, IUI advised, after which I became pregnant. Now more than half of the pregnancy is behind, everything is going well, without complications. I was not mistaken with the choice of a doctor!

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