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The largest medical services aggregator in Turkey. We help you save up to 90% on medical care without commission.

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Dream Agency was founded on four pillars: quality, value, simplicity and transparency


We partner with the best healthcare providers in Turkey, where we work with the widest selection of JCI and ISO accredited institutions


By consolidating the ever-expanding global medical market, we make it easier for our patients to find what they are looking for


We are constantly negotiating new and improved prices for our patients, offering our medical partners lower rates so that we can directly provide price reductions


We know how difficult and frustrating it is to simply find clear and accurate prices for procedures on the Internet, which is why we strive to display the range of prices for procedures from all of our suppliers. Our services are free for patients!

How we help

We have gathered thousands of reputable healthcare providers on our platform, so you can view, chat and book healthcare services in just a few clicks and chats.

Found a clinic that you like? Click the "Request" button and fill in your details, we will transfer them to your chosen healthcare provider.

Still not sure? A 20-minute chat with a specialist has been proven to significantly increase patient confidence and help them make a much more informed decision.

Why use Dream agency services?
to save our patients time and effort in a process that can be extremely time consuming and, after all, time is our greatest asset - use it wisely. Our services are free of charge for patients.


We have everything for you, you will not find a similar service on any other site, from automatic progress management and tracking to direct communication and instant booking and treatment planning.



As we mentioned, everything we offer is free. Some medical services, such as video conferencing, are chargeable, but you only pay for their time.


Best price

Again, in terms of prices, we aim to negotiate discounts with all of our partners, which we can pass on to you directly.


Exact price

We publish a price range for all new procedures added to our site because we understand the importance of transparency


Rich content

The more information you have about health care providers, the easier it is for you to make a decision.
For each supplier, we ask for an accreditation level


Widest selection

We are constantly adding hospitals, clinics and dentists to our range, so you will always be guaranteed an accurate view of the market.


No risk

Because we can all change our minds. And for any reason, if you change your mind before any action is taken, your deposit will be fully refunded.



You can trust us with all your personal information and rest assured that only the healthcare providers you need will have access. And your data will never be shared with third parties

Our team

Dream Agency's ever-growing team is scattered around the world, giving us a truly global reach and allowing us to cover every time zone. Our head office is located in Antalya, while our other main offices are located in the USA and Germany.

Want to join our growing team? Send us your resume and a little information about yourself, and we will contact you shortly. For job inquiries, send to

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